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Toyota A 245 SLT Solenoid Identification

May 7, 2010
Toyota  A-245- A-246  SLT ( EPC) solenoid for controlling line pressure.  2 different versions are available  2002 and 2003 use the solenoid with large pins in the connector, Rostra part number 52-0403. 2004 and up applications have small pins in the electrical connector, Rostra part number 52-0419. The two are not interchangable.

A245-A246 Valve bosy variations
52-0403 Solenoid:
SLT EPC solenoid 2002, 2003

52-0403 has large pins 2002,2003

52-0419 solenoid:
SLT, EPC SOlenoid

52-0419 has small pins 2004 & up