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A4Bf3 Solenoid Kit

August 9, 2010

Hey again guys, hope all is going well!  I want to inform you all about Rostra’s product re-release of the Hyundai A4Bf3 solenoid kit.  This kit has 6 solenoids with a case connector, and is wonderfully displayed for easy color identification.

Rostra # 52-9023

Each wire is pre-wired to a thru case connector.

Each solenoid has an independent ground

Heavy duty wire insulation protection.

Every solenoid is calibrated and tested 100% for all functional characteristics.  The following describes each different wire color, resistance, and solenoid description.

  • White, 22 Ohm, Shift C
  • Blue, 3 Ohm, Pressure Control Solenoid B
  • Black, 3 Ohm, Pressure Control Solenoid A
  • Red, 3 Ohm, Damper Control Solenoid
  • Brown, 22 Ohm, Shift B
  • Yellow, 22 Ohm, Shift A

Applications for this product are Hyundai Accent, Elantra, and Tiburon.

  • Accent:  A4AF3, A4Bf3, 2000-on, Domestic/Global.
  • Elantra:  A4bF2, 2000-02, Domestic; A4Af3, A4BF3, 2001-on, Global.
  • Tiburon:  A4BF2, 2000-02, Domestic.

Valve Body Not Included

For more information regarding this product, please contact Tom Eibel at 910-291-2500 or Scott Kirkendall at 910-291-2548.  You can also visit us online at


JF506E Transmission Solenoids

August 9, 2010

Rostra Precision Controls has done it once again!  We now have available electronic components for the JF506E/09A/5F31J automatic transmissions.  These engineering assembly versions are the latest and cover from 1999-on.

Mazda applications:


Neutral Shift


Reduction Timing

Volkswagen/Land Rover/Jaguar applications:


Shift A


Shift A

The JF506E Transmission Solenoids listed above are only a few of what Rostra Precision Controls has to offer.


Toyota U-Series Solenoids

August 4, 2010

Hello! did you know that Rostra Precision Controls offers the best transmission products for your automotive needs?

We here at Rostra have worked very hard to bring to you the re-release of the U-Series solenoids for your Toyota application vehicle.  From the U140E to the U341F, Rostra has you covered.

Transmission: U140E, U140F, U240E, U241E

U140E : Toyota Camry, 2002-04, V6 3.0L

U140F : Highlander, 2001-07, L4 2.4L; V6 3.0L

U240E: Celica GTS, 2000-06, L4 1.8L(180 HP)

U241E: Highlander, 2001-07, L4 2.4L

Rostra # 52-0377

Used for both Lock-up and DSL function.  Original solenoid usually has brown connector.

Rostra # 52-0388

Used for shift control.  Identified as SS3, or S4 Shift.  Bracket assures proper orientation.  Black connector.

Transmissions: U150E, U151E

U151E: Avalon, 2005-07, V6 3.5L

Camry, 2003-08, V6 3.0L and 3.3L

Camry Solara, 2004-08, V6 3.3L


er, 2008, V6 3.5L

RAV4, 2006-09, V6 3.5L

Rostra # 52-0414

New linear solenoid for line pressure control.

Rostra # 52-0415

New linear shift solenoid fits both SL2, and SL3 locations.  Use 2 per transmission

Rostra # 52-0416

New Linear shift solenoid.

Transmissions: U340E, U341E, U341F

U340E: Scion, 2004-06 L4 1.5L

Echo, 2000-06, L4 1.5L

U341E: Celica GT, 2000-06, L4 1.8L (140 HP)

Matrix, 2000-09, L4 1.8L(126 HP)

Rostra # 52-0385

New Lock-up solenoid for U-Series Applications