About Scott Kirkendall

Scott KirkendallW. Scott Kirkendall has been actively involved in all types of engineering practices since 1985 when he graduated from the University of Connecticut. Scott earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with a special focus on electromechanical design and manufacturing.

Scott married his high school sweetheart and has raised three boys, two of whom are following Dad’s path in the engineering field and the third is studying marketing.

His first job out of college was with Century Brass in Waterbury, Connecticut as a manufacturing engineer. At the time, Century Brass was an Original Equipment manufacturer of vacuum modulators, solenoids, stampings, castings and many other metallic based products.

In 1987 Century Brass was purchased by Rostra Engineered Components. Within three years Rostra purchased the controls division of Dana Corporation. At this point Rostra saw the need to develop transmission electrical components and Scott has led this charge for over twenty years. Under his direction, Scott has helped Rostra acquire numerous product and application patents, grown the transmission product offering to over three hundred active part numbers, developed and mentored too many young engineers and helped keep the production facility running smoothly.

He has been a very busy man.

Scott has also joined other respected experts at industry trade shows and seminars such as those of ATRA and ATSG to make technical presentations to transmission repair professionals. Through these public appearances and his many articles in GEARS and Transmission Digest, Scott has become known as one of the leading authorities in the industry.


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