A4Bf3 Solenoid Kit

Hey again guys, hope all is going well!  I want to inform you all about Rostra’s product re-release of the Hyundai A4Bf3 solenoid kit.  This kit has 6 solenoids with a case connector, and is wonderfully displayed for easy color identification.

Rostra # 52-9023

Each wire is pre-wired to a thru case connector.

Each solenoid has an independent ground

Heavy duty wire insulation protection.

Every solenoid is calibrated and tested 100% for all functional characteristics.  The following describes each different wire color, resistance, and solenoid description.

  • White, 22 Ohm, Shift C
  • Blue, 3 Ohm, Pressure Control Solenoid B
  • Black, 3 Ohm, Pressure Control Solenoid A
  • Red, 3 Ohm, Damper Control Solenoid
  • Brown, 22 Ohm, Shift B
  • Yellow, 22 Ohm, Shift A

Applications for this product are Hyundai Accent, Elantra, and Tiburon.

  • Accent:  A4AF3, A4Bf3, 2000-on, Domestic/Global.
  • Elantra:  A4bF2, 2000-02, Domestic; A4Af3, A4BF3, 2001-on, Global.
  • Tiburon:  A4BF2, 2000-02, Domestic.

Valve Body Not Included

For more information regarding this product, please contact Tom Eibel at 910-291-2500 or Scott Kirkendall at 910-291-2548.  You can also visit us online at http://www.rostratransmission.com

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